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Welcome to assists consumers seeking an affordable assisted living facility and/or independent living facility in the South Florida area focusing on Broward County. We are a FREE service connecting you to licensed assisted living facilities, adult family care homes, and group homes in Broward County, Florida.

It's a tough sea of information to navigate without experienced assistance. Don't make a mistake:

Call us! 954-577-9876

Broward County alone has nearly 200 assisted living facilities in operation ranging in size from 4 to over 200 beds. Listings are available in Dade and Palm Beach counties. We cater to those who might be unsure of what type of facility is needed. Or, if you simply have no idea where to turn, JUST ASK US! There are no fees or charges to you for our services.

Don't fall for the commercials you see on TV, which are nothing more than "pay per referral" companies. And, watch out for websites that put you on a mass contact list. Unlike them, our staff actually know each of the facilities we refer!

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